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The Top 4 Products On Green Energy

We’ve tried out every product that teaches you how to create green electricity at home. There are many on the market today, but which ones merit a second look and which ones are worth using?

After a closer examination of each of these Green Energy Systems and Solutions, we determined the top four products to spare you from months of research.

Here they are:

5 star rating



Magniwork is a 50-page instruction manual that teaches even the novice to create a zero-point magnetic generator. This kind of generator does not involve any kind of energy resource (solar, heat, wind, coal, or any other kind of energy source). Instead it relies on a magnetic field and magnets which keep it running in perpetual motion, thus generating free energy from the motion it produces.

The Magniwork generator is built using practical and affordable materials. If built correctly, it can generate more than 50% if your energy usage at home. On a larger scale, it can even provide all of the power you need, giving you 100% of savings in your electricity bill.

Green Energy Reviews recommend this as our #1 choice as it’s a winner!

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4 star rating


Tesla Secret

Tesla Secret is a step by step handbook that anyone can use to build his own Tesla generator and tap into an almost infinite source of power. You can use it to juice up any electrical devices from small clocks, to refrigerator or even big screen plasma TV.

The Tesla Generator on the other hand is extremely adaptable and will completely change the way you look at energy. You can take it with you when you go camping and enjoy mobile free energy for your caravan or in your tent and even get entirely off the grid with a high output generator that you can build in your spare time.

Green Energy Reviews recommend this as our #2 choice.

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3 star rating



The Earth4Energy manual is a good resource of information with regard to solar energy and building your own solar panel. Yes, youve read that right, building your own solar panel. There may be some skeptics if you've read another Earth4Energy review, but in this you will see how it greatly helps you especially when youre committed to the cause.

For almost every Earth4Energy review that you might have read, they will all have agreed on one thing: it works. Not only that, but every Earth4Energy review has stated that the whole thing is a good investment considering that you are only paying $49.97 to get the know-how on solar energy. Some industry professionals take advantage of this kind of information and charge consumers a huge price for a solar panel that they can build themselves. Who says that they have the monopoly on it, when you can do it yourself?

Green Energy Reviews recommend this as our #3 choice and comes highly recommended.

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3 star rating


Home Made Energy

The Home Made Energy book is about using free and environmentally friendly renewable energy resources to produce electricity to reduce the amount of power we need to purchase from the big power concerns. The primary methods of producing electricity in this book are from home built wind and solar powered generators.

According to this instructional manual, one of the biggest advantages of making your own electricity generators is that they cost only about $200 USD to construct. They pay for themselves in only a few weeks. In contrast, buying and professionally installing a commercial grade system can cost over $20,000 and require 8 to 15 years to recoup the investment.

Green Energy Reviews recommend this as our #4 choice and also comes highly recommended.

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Green Energy Reviews Conclusions:

With Magniwork you simply can’t go wrong. Try it right away and you you will start saving money on electricity..

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